Enjoy life knowing that you have solid support in the event of an accident. AcciGuard protection is beneficial to you and your family.

This insurance is suited to your needs. It requires no medical examination and may begin as early as 15 days of age.

Disability pension after an accident
On average, one in three people will be disabled for a period of three months or more before age 65. With SSQ Financial Services Firm disability insurance, you can protect yourself against loss of income if you have to stop working.

No matter what happens, you will be able meet your financial obligations. You will receive monthly compensation for an accident causing total disability and resulting in hospitalization, fracture, severe burns, laceration, mutilation or internal bleeding.

Fracture insurance
In Quebec, slipping on ice is a common accident. Can you imagine falling down your stairs? Your injuries could take months to heal. SSQ Financial Services Firm helps you to get back on track by paying you a lump sum of up to $10,000 in case of accidental fracture.

If the accident occurs in transit or in an eligible public place, your compensation will be doubled.

Death or dismemberment insurance
This insurance protects you from the financial impact of an injury and provides compensation for your family in case of death.

Unfortunately, no one is immune from an accident. Sometimes it takes just one second to lose permanent and total use of a limb.

Depending on the coverage selected, you will receive up to $100,000 if you suffer a dismemberment or loss of a limb within 365 days from the date of your accident. This allowance will be doubled if the mishap occurs in transit or in an eligible public place.

Hospitalization insurance
SSQ Financial Services Firm hospitalization insurance pays you a per-diem from the first day of your admission to hospital. You can freely use these benefits for up to 400 days.

What's more, if you require day surgery or stitches, damage benefits will be paid.

Coverage for medical certificate is included in each of the AcciGuard guarantees chosen.

For more information, please contact us to determine your customized protection. We will be pleased to guide you.

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